Raspberry-Peach Freezer Jam–Less Sugar, Better Tasting, Quicker Cooking, No Water Bath


With raspberries and local peaches in season now, I had to pair up this classic delectable duo and ready a batch of  wonderfully full-flavored, zesty jam. Not just any jam, but freezer jam–that is, one that is stored in the freezer instead of the pantry.  Freezer jams have a fresher, more natural flavor, brighter aroma,…

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Black Raspberry-Fresh Lavender Crumb Cobbler & Deep Creek Lavender Farm


Lots of my recipes are inspired by what I’m growing, harvesting, or find flourishing in both my garden and those I visit. The last few days have been filled with inspiration partly because I’ve discovered and picked more than 2 quarts wild black raspberries in the woods behind my house. I was also inspired to…

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When Summer Simmers, Bring on Homemade Real Juice Ice Pops


These homemade ice pops are light, bright, colorful, and guaranteed to bring on goose bumps.  They capture the taste of summer’s favorite fruits and berries, but in  more intense, much colder form. If you use the right brands of real frozen juice concentrates instead of artificially colored and flavored powders to make your ice pops, they…

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