When Summer Simmers, Bring on Homemade Real Juice Ice Pops


These homemade ice pops are light, bright, colorful, and guaranteed to bring on goose bumps.  They capture the taste of summer’s favorite fruits and berries, but in  more intense, much colder form. If you use the right brands of real frozen juice concentrates instead of artificially colored and flavored powders to make your ice pops, they…

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Mojito-Lime Sorbet with Fresh Mint–Stay Cool My Friends


Though it’s 96 degrees F and sticky-humid in central Maryland right now, it might be a little early in the day to start sipping mojitos. But it is definitely not too early to sit on the deck and scarf down a melon cup topped with my easy, no-ice-cream-freezer-needed mojito sorbet. (Yes, it’s okay to skip the…

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