Pan-Grilled Baby Vegetables–Avoid Ratatouille Fatigue


It’s the season when those of us who garden or haunt farmers’ markets are worn out from trying to use up the onslaught of fresh vegetables,  from zukes, yellow squash, peppers, eggplants, and herbs. The seemingly endless bounty is far too glorious to resist, but can become daunting to dispatch. No matter how lush, healthful…

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Raspberry-Peach Freezer Jam-Less Sugar, Better Taste, Quicker


With raspberries and local peaches in season now, I had to pair up this classic delectable duo and ready a batch of  wonderfully full-flavored, zesty, easy jam. Not just any jam, but a raspberry peach freezer jam. Yes, this kind of jam is stored in the freezer instead of on the pantry shelf. Freezer jams…

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Fresh Lavender-Raspberry Cobbler, + a Lavender Farm


Lots of my recipes are inspired by what I’m growing, harvesting, or find flourishing in both my garden and those I visit. The last few days have been filled with inspiration partly because I’ve discovered and picked more than 2 quarts wild black raspberries in the woods behind my house. I was also inspired to…

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